Biliktu Foundry by Murathan Biliktü

Typeface in Use:

Usage Examples:
  1. Fashion Week Istanbul (Logotype)
  2. Nucksal- Akira (Merch, Logotype)

- Fashion Week Istanbul 

• Fashion Week Istanbul used Costes Gracilis for it’s logotype. Turkish designers and fashion labels have made their mark on the international scene thanks to Fashion Week Istanbul. Fashion Week Istanbul, which garnered a lot of attention for four days thanks to 30 short films combining fashion and visual arts on, gained a lot of attention.

The world was introduced to Istanbul's ethnic mosaic during the digital fashion week, which broadcasted a cosmopolitan ambiance obviously informed by Istanbul's global and unifying spirit.

- Nucksal - Akira  

• Nucksal used Costes Regular for his merch visuals. Nucksal of VMC has released his second album, "1Q87," as well as a music video for two of the album's title tracks, "BAD TRIP + AKIRA (Feat. Gaeko)." After his debut album, "The God of Small Things," Nucksal was inspired by another novel, this time Haruki Murakami's "1Q84."

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