Biliktu Foundry by Murathan Biliktü

Biliktü Foundry
by Murathan Biliktü

Expressing, experimenting, executing — shapes and forms to typefaces.

About Me: I'm a designer who enjoys employing human-centered studies to address challenges. I'm presently specialised in Inclusive UX Design and a part of the Cognoscenti Studio.

Developing typefaces had become a cathartic experience for me. — Enjoy your time with them! There is no why or how in my method; I simply "do it." A sensation or and/or idea comes to mind, and I produce in response to that experience or idea.

Registered Vendor ID of Biliktu Foundry is “BLKT” Visit Microsoft’s page to learn more.

The Desktop license only allows 1-5 users and limited usage. For Web/App License, Broadcasting License, Corporate License and Educational License contact me via

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